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True Love Is Gonna Find You

Words from a song I wrote before most of you younguns were even born

The main meaning is:
Don’t go out of your way looking for it  – be ready when it comes along.
(also about Karma, other meanings and messages)

(It is sung/spoken by a female, from the female perspective, but has meanings from both male and female perspective)

She’s not here to burn
But look in my eyes and feel the fire
Because he found it hard to learn
Life’s a gift but it’s only a while (to)

Be true to yourself
’cause when you least expect it

….Gonna find you
It’s gonna find you
True love is gonna find you
True love is gonna find…..true love

Maybe its in a book
Maybe its in a story book line
Maybe its worth a look
Worth a look inside yourself

Because once I put you to the test
The first heart you second guess

…Gonna find you
It’s gonna find you
True love is gonna find you
True love is gonna find…..true love

Maybe its in a book
Maybe its in a story book line
He wore your shoes
But you’ll never wear out mine

She was here to smile
It might take while…

…Gonna find you
It’s gonna find you
True love is gonna find you
True love is gonna find…..true love

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Fast, foolproof pasta sauce

This easy-to-make pasta sauce blows away anything you can get in a jar.

Start with a 2.98kg can of Bella Orto Crushed Tomatoes in Puree. They’re vine-ripened, packed in season, and have excellent flavor and consistency.

Sautée 2 nubs of fresh-chopped in olive oil.

Fry some chicken breast (optional) in the oil. That step is just to add flavor juices to the oil. The chicken does is not intended to be part of the sauce. Brown two pounds extra-lean (4% fat) ground beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, in the olive oil.

Combine the meat and sauce. Simmer if desired. (Simmering will slightly change the sauce’s flavor and darken it’s color. Simmering also brings out the garlic flavor and will make the sauce less perishable.

If adding any other flavorings, such as oregano, basil, chili or red wine, use only extremely tiny quantities. They can easily take over.

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3D Printing Overview

The 2014 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, CA was my first real exposure to 3D printing. In case you are even newer to it than I am, here’s an overview of 3D technology and it’s anticipated impact.

3D technology is rapidly reshaping industries and creating new ones. Also called “additive manufacturing”, it enables creation of materials of extreme complexity and variation, speeds prototyping, and can eliminate expensive processes like tooling and casting. Affordable, high-quality hardware is appearing at outlets like Amazon and Staples, just one facet of a extensive developing 3D ecosystem. Although 3D printing won’t displace traditional mass-production methods for many high-volume applications, it’s inherent value is becoming more and more apparent.

Creating 3D objects entails two basic steps:

First, you need to create or obtain a virtual model of the object you want to create. Most often this will be a stereo lithography file, or “stl” (.stl is the file format). You can do this one of three ways, or combine methods:

1) Download it from sites such as Thingiverse.

2) Scan a real-world object. 3D scanners are available for as little as $400.

3) Create the stl from scratch using CAD software. Some popular free CAD apps are Google Sketch, Blender and TinkerCad. A full list of CADware is here: list of CAD apps

To create the actual object, you can:

1) Buy a printer, supply it with raw material and the stl and “fire it up”.

2) Send the stl to a web-based service such as Shapeways which prints and ships it.

3) Use a local printer. A leading 3D company, MakerBot, is establishing retail locations which will sell printers, and also provide on-demand services for those who don’t wish to invest in hardware and learning or training.


3D printed “sculptures”


3D light sphere

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A Woman’s Heart

Some men think that to win a woman’s heart, they need to understand it’s complexities.

That will never happen. She will always be one step ahead, and zig when you think she is going to zag.

Fellas, think instead about a few simple truths of your life.

Would you eat off a dirty plate if you could eat off a clean one? No, so clean up your act.

Would you sit in an uncomfortable chair? No. So make sure she feels comfortable to be herself and express herself.

Where do you keep the most valuable thing you own? Somewhere secure. Make sure you protect her heart from pain, not cause it.

Provide a clean, comfortable, secure environment for a woman’s heart, and she will gravitate towards you.

And one more thing:

Would you leave your motorcycle out in the rain? No. If you think she’s hurting, call her.

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Better Health Thru Weaning

Mountains aren’t climbed in a single step.You can get to a healthier lifestyle thru gradual changes.

Wean yourself off milkfat by switching to 2%, then 1%, then 0%.

Gradually use less and less butter on your bagel and less oil when sauteeing veggies.

Stop smoking, gambling or other bad habits and develop good habits the same way – gradually.

Example: You can achieve a daily workout routine by starting with just setting aside 5 minutes a day and doing only one sit-up, and then slowly adding more reps and exercises.

Please comment.

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Quote Of The Day

Those who talk the most have the least to say

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Life’s Worst Mistake

The worst mistake one can make in life is:

(drum roll)

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you.

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Executing like a CEO

There are several traits you can develop to get CEO-type results in your everyday endeavors.


A shower may typically take you 10 minutes, but if you really have to, you can take one in 2 minutes. As a CEO, you “really have to” all day long.

One way to increase your efficiency is to reduce perfectionism. Business adviser Dr. Adrian Gluck points out that 80% of a task can typically be accomplished with the first 20% of the effort. Meaning that, if you settle for “good enough”, you can accomplish five times as much in the same amount of time. 


Ever wonder why CEO’s make so much? Ever think that they can’t possibly do enough in one day to deserve that pay? You’re right, they can’t. But thru relationships, they manage the productivity of others. In theory, if a CEO motivates 14,000 people to do $1000 worth of work a week, then he/she generated $1.4 million/week in output.

Good CEO’s excel at knowing how to delegate, who to promote and partner with, how to get the most from suppliers,etc. They have a respectful, results-oriented approach which maximizes the value of their realtionships with everyone from the hotel maid to the board of directors.


Photographers have a saying, “Where there is one great picture, there are many”. CEO’s know the same thing, but they also organize the ideas into a structure.

I try to form idea “trees”, wherein aspects of a concept equate to branches, roots, or trunks (the main or original idea). Being able to recognize where an idea fits, is key to generating other ideas.

Example: I invented a waterproof pocket belt, that enabled people to take their cellphones swimming. Using the idea tree approach, it was easy to see that the bigger picture was helping people not lose any valuable items. I expanded the idea to include keys and wallets/purses, and to protect items not just from water damage, but from loss, damage or theft at all times, in all situations. 

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THE #1 SALES TECHNIQUE: Make the customer the salesperson

When a salesperson “talks up” a product, all the claims are often viewed skeptically by the customer.

Solution: Make the customer the salesperson! A question like, “What is it about the Taurus that interests you?” invites the customer to start rattling off all the product’s features. Essentially, it makes the customer sell the product to themselves.

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BASIC SALES INSTRUCTION: The 5-step sales method

The 5-step sales method, used in many industries for many years, is a great thing to know, not only for selling, but also for resisting buying. Once you have seen it spelled out, you frequently notice people doing some or all of the steps…which is amusing and helps you say no.

Step 1: Greet the customer and make him/her like you. Self-explanatory but not to be taken lightly. This is a critical step!

Step 2: Qualify the customer. This “information gathering step” is how you determine which of your products/services are a good match and/or have a chance at being bought. Find out about the customer’s needs and wants, budget, and if they already have a product /service in mind.

Step 3: Value adding. Once you have determined which product to push, you talk up all its features and benefits.

Step 4: Overcome objections and close the sale. Ask the customer if they are ready to purchase. If yes, perform the transaction and quickly move on to step five. If no, ask why, and then deal with whatever perceived negatives are holding them back. For example, if its price..maybe you can lower it. If its quality worries, perhaps you can offer a guarantee. Much of the work in sales is done during this step, cycling through various objections until a deal is done.

Step 5: Remove “buyer remorse”. Oftentimes, just after one spends or commits to spending money, there is a moment of fear, regret, worry, second thoughts about their decision. The salesperson’s job is to quickly reassure the buyer what a smart move they made, how happy they will be, or at the very least, change the subject completely! Talk about the weather, sports, anything but the product/service/transaction. Basically, the goal is to prevent the customer from changing their mind.

I once met an ace salesman for a home-improvement company – a “closer” for high-priced jobs like roofing, siding, windows, cabinets, remodeling, etc.

I asked if he used the five-step sales method, and he claimed to have never heard of it. So I went through it, and he said, “Well, I just use a two-step method…make the customer like you and close the sale”.

“But I do it relentlessly”, he added.

“You have no idea how many ugly babies I’ve kissed”, he added.

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